About us

Logistik Irs Ltd. KD started its activity in 2000. mainly transporting to the Liebherr group and dealing in most areas of transport / automotive, wagon and container /. The company’s prospects are to provide quality services in the field of transport and logistics, establishing stable positions with high competitiveness. the company operates under the name of Logistik IRS 1 Ltd.

Oversized transport100%
Wagon transport100%
Warehousing and Logistics100%

IRS Logistik – Team

The staff consists of mostly young cadres, including administrators, electric carriages and drivers. All employees have the necessary experience and qualifications and are always ready to make every transport quality.

Main activity

The main directions we work in are international transport, freight forwarding, logistics, and the organization of wagon transport.

Base and cars

The company has 7,000sqm garage space and new cars, well maintained and always in good technical condition, and is therefore only trusted by authorized repairers.